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INDUSTRY: Medical imaging.
AGENCY: Pluvo.

60-second Promo Video Script

The Toshiba Made for Life philosophy forever prevails as our ongoing commitment to humanity.
HERITAGE For over 100 years, our rich history of medical, technical and community collaboration has engaged the brilliant minds of many.
PARTNERSHIPS This inclusive approach to forging progressive partnerships lies at the heart of what we do and why we do it.
PASSION Our dedicated team and partners collectively push the medical boundaries because we believe quality of life should be a given, not an exception — a unified passion ingrained in our DNA.
INNOVATION Thousands of minds and millions of hours over a century of time have forged a legacy of innovation that continues to evolve as we do.
QUALITY We focus on advancing quality medical solutions across the imaging spectrum through cutting-edge research and development.
SERVICE At the centre of our shared success is a globally recognised dedication to delivering prompt and personalised service, built on a tradition of “people first”.
HEALTH Providing premium health outcomes for patients, partners and our Toshiba family truly defines the essence of our existence.
MADE FOR LIFE At Toshiba Medical, everything we do is Made for Life.


INDUSTRY: Outdoors adventure wear.
AGENCY: Chaptr.

Kickstarter Video Script

INTRODUCTION We’re Seadon and back to introduce an exciting newcomer to our outdoors collection – the
HELIOS Trail Pant.
TRUST After gearing up fellow backers with the All-terrain Daily Tees from our last Kickstarter
campaign, we listened to our trailblazing community and answered the call to produce a pair of technical
outdoor pants that are so comfortable you can basically live in them. All. Day. Long.
FEATURES The journey always starts with developing our next generation of Seadon material. Our
Sunsail Stretch Fabric is regenerated from marine plastics that have proven to withstand the harsh
elements of nature. These regenerated chips are weaved into an innovative yarn designed to
support you every step of the way. Its ultralight structure enhances performance and comfort by
offering superior breathability and 24/7, quick-dry freshness.
VERSATILITY When you’re on the go, Helios packs ultralight to optimise space, meaning you get a seamless
Seadon experience from land to sea. Intuitively hidden features provide quick adjustments for instant
versatility and customised style. Our 4-way stretch fabric moves with you for comfortable yet firm
freedom that supports you to go further. Deep pockets with hidden ventilation also keep you cooler while
keeping personal items securely safe at all times.
CALL TO ACTION Helios is built to have your back from daily outings to off-the-beaten-track adventures.
And, with a lifetime warranty only offered to our loyal Kickstarter backers, the time is now to join the
Seadon journey and blaze a new trail in our high-performance sustainably made pants. Follow our fashion compass and start living ultralight.