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Sandbar celebrates 20 years in Surfers Paradise!

Iconic Surfers Paradise has always been a destination offering beach fun by day and urban buzz by night. A key piece in this tourism puzzle is the collective of bars and restaurants that have come and gone over the years — some of the most loved are still alive and well today. Speaking of which, this Father’s Day, the Sandbar hospitality stalwart celebrates 20 years of looking after locals and visitors under its catchy slogan“Good times, all the time”. And it’s going to be big!

In 1998, Jo-Anne and Greg Short operated the Boardwalk Cafe on behalf of John Gardner’s Strand Resorts. Like many others, they’d moved north from the New South Wales Central Coast with a young family — Jo-Anne, a career restauranteur, and Greg, a successful engineer. The venue initially operated as a traditional bar-bistro with their famous “Surfers All You Can Eat Buffet Breakfast,” a hit with thrifty tourists out for a great family deal.

Fast forward to today, and the Short family decided it was time to transform the restaurant into a chic, contemporary venue, with siblings Liah, Casey and Jake also now at the hospitality helm. The team knew digital-savvy foodies eagerly sought fresh, local dishes, on-point cocktails, artisan craft beers, worldly wines and barista-brewed coffee. Also on the renovation bucket list: an Insta-worthy experience boasting a Hamptons-style fit-out, sensational beach views, vibrant food presentation and chilled-out atmosphere, including live music on weekends.

Tantalisingly tasty new menus were crafted by Executive Chef Maxie Hill, a protégé of celebrity chef Rick Stein. Maxie and Jo-Anne integrated seaside inventiveness into flavoursome dishes featuring ingredients from the best local farmers, seafood suppliers and organic producers. Customer favourites now include super-healthy smoothies and poke bowls, gourmet burgers, classic fish’n’chips, flame-grilled steaks and an eclectic selection of other internationally inspired delicacies. The epic cocktail list is an artistic fusion of free-flowing flair, with the well-stocked bar proudly offering the most extensive beer selection on the Gold Coast — around 100 craft brews on rotation at any one time!

After 20 years on the hospitality scene, the all-new Sandbar captures the classic charm of vintage Surfers Paradise, beautifully blended into a new era of casual dining sophistication. Jo-Anne sums it up perfectly: “After two decades of serving guests in Surfers Paradise, our family and staff (of 500+ over the years) have added a significant contribution to the city in both economic and tourism terms, and as locals, we’re very proud of that achievement”. Join Sandbar’s 20th Birthday Celebration as they plan a huge party to say “thank you” to all the wonderful locals and visitors who’ve supported their hospitality dream and ongoing success on the legendary glitter strip. Keep an eye out on Instagram for all the upcoming event details. @sandbargc


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 A fresh partnership is leading a cleaning revolution.

Richard Jay has led the way in the Australian laundry industry for decades due to a clean and straightforward approach — embracing global innovations to deliver a load of client benefits. The company is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with world-leading laundry technicians Xeros and introduce Australia’s most advanced commercial laundry cleaning technology in over 60 years. The ground-breaking Xeros Bead Cleaning System is now here to offer a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable cleaning solution for ecologically responsible Australian laundry operators looking for a competitive edge.

When the Richard Jay team experienced the power of this revolutionary commercial laundry system first-hand, they set about securing exclusive Australian rights so clients could access a laundry list of exciting opportunities. Using scientifically engineered polymer beads to absorb garment dirt and stains, water is only needed to move the beads, not wash clothing, resulting in substantial water savings of up to 80%. Furthermore, with a bead life of over 100 washes and an integrated greywater reclamation system, money saved is now effectively earned. The gentle washing action also cares for garments to preserve wear life and structural integrity — of utmost importance for safety uniforms such as firefighter ensembles and protective industrial clothing.

For laundry operators, Xeros Bead Cleaning is super-easy to use, with no confusing multi-settings required when programming specific commercial laundry cycles. Depending on clients’ unique load needs, a fully trained Richard Jay technician can pre-program custom wash settings that start at the simple push of a button. Richard Jay also offers Xeros Sbeady Care for complete peace of mind because they know a stalled washing program means valuable time and money is quickly lost down the drain.

From a Xeros Bead Cleaning maintenance perspective, servicing has never been a more basic exercise. These high-tech machines allow the Richard Jay team to anticipate clients’ monthly cleaning needs, with real-time data sent directly to a digital dashboard displaying load tallies, wash hours, detergent use, water consumption and other essential information. All these game-changing features jointly equate to next-level service, operational efficiencies, financial gains and increased client satisfaction.

Richard Jay proudly stands behind Xeros Bead Cleaning, a fresh prospect for future-ready commercial laundry operators. Like the superior laundry products and services Richard Jay is renowned for, this sensational addition is set to take the company to new cleaning heights, with clients and the environment being the ultimate winners.


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Five fabulous Gold Coast and Scenic Rim Glamping Sites

The Gold Coast skyline is synonymous with its strip of high-rise apartments that cascade down the Pacific coastline. Still, many travel-savvy visitors are now finding much simpler yet sophisticated accommodation options from the beautiful beachside up to the stunning scenic rim. In recent years, there’s been a global shift in leisure travellers seeking a naturally connected experience with a discerning degree of luxe ever-present in the itinerary. Enter the perfectly juxtaposed world of “glamping” — the modern-day phenomenon that ingeniously mixes the glamour of luxury accommodation with the grounded freedom of camping. It’s going off-grid without the grit. Unplugging without disconnecting. Going back to basics but in an elevated kind of way. Take in the beauty of your natural surroundings while kicking back in a deluxe tent complete with an open bath, double bed and front deck overlooking native Australian rainforest — gourmet food service and champagne on ice thrown in the mix for those who don’t see reason to hold back when it comes to “roughing it” 2022 style. If there’s a getaway experience that epitomises the saying “less is more”, then glamping captures its essence by allowing nature-loving luxury seekers to have their cake and eat it, too. So, let’s load up the virtual backpack and explore some of the best Gold Coast glamping options that don’t disappoint when spoiling guests, bush to beach.


Nightfall Camp

Scenic Rim glamping — soothe the soul.

Nestled away quietly in the lush remoteness of Lamington National Park sits the elegantly poised Nightfall Camp. A pioneering accommodation vision brought to life in the enchanting Scenic Rim, this luxurious suite of architecturally designed safari tents is a fantastic insitu achievement carefully engineered by a team who were diligent not to disturb the direct environmental footprint. And frankly, this is precisely why Nightfall Camp is an inspiring ecotourism masterpiece.

Permanent, artisan-crafted tents sit calmly alongside Christmas Creek’s crystal-clear headwaters and rockpools — the bubbling brook, rustling canopy and singing birds are your atmospheric, natural soundtrack. Stepping onto the front deck, refined luxury awaits inside with rustic timber floors, twin vintage bathtubs, a natural stone sink and a central rotating fireplace creating an authentic cabin feel, save for timber walls being replaced by canvas ones that roll up, inviting the outside in. Plush bedding, soft day beds and natural fibre blankets add a homey feel tailor-made for a mid-afternoon forest nap. A modest kitchenette with a fridge is handy to keep drinks and other goodies at arms’ reach while keeping your seclusion a little more private. A massage or facial can be booked in your safari tent or by the creek, as can private yoga lessons on the front deck if you feel like reconnecting in the heart of nature’s goodness.

Culinary speaking, this is a fully catered experience with a well-considered menu of wholesome, organic meals served by your hosts for breakfast, lunch and dinner — fresh produce sourced from the Nightfall Camp garden, local growers and South East Queensland-based markets. The lunch backpack is a fantastic on-the-go option if you’d like to hit the trail and picnic by a Lamington National Park waterhole or under the cool rainforest canopy.

With four luxury tents available and consistently high demand due to this incredibly bespoke eco experience, early bookings are recommended to secure your glamping getaway at the breathtaking Nightfall Camp.

Where: 3009 Christmas Creek Rd, Lamington, QLD 4285.