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INDUSTRY: Australian sporting association.
AGENCY: Tillman Creative Co.

Hero Tagline

Moving Oceans.

Hero Paragraph

Welcome to the home of Australian Outriggers — your official national sporting association. We celebrate the centuries-old tradition of outrigger canoe paddling and the epic Oceanic feats achieved by legends whose souls thrive in saltwater.

Today, outrigger canoe racing has evolved into an internationally acclaimed sport with high-performance races fought out across the vast blue waters of the globe. It’s all about teamwork, precision and power as tight-knit crews come together in a pure, kinetic rhythm. From fun, local regattas to legendary offshore marathons, we’ve got competitions for all ages and skill levels to pursue a passion fuelled by the paddle.

We invite you to come aboard and join our mission to move oceans.

Emotive Statement

Saltwater stings your face, akin to hard rain hitting dry earth

You grit and dig deep as every muscle screams for more precious oxygen.

Racing the blue, your team slides in sync — swells, donating a run for that sweet micro-rest.

Mechanical precision prevails in human form, with each body part performing its specifically trained function.

You’re at one with sea and spirit.

A sixth sense in moving oceans.


INDUSTRY: Luxury Home Renovations.
AGENCY: Tomas & Co.

Hero Tagline

Redefine Homelife.

Hero Paragraph

For over 25 years, we‘ve built distinctive residential spaces across Sydney’s seaside suburbs. Our adaptability to client needs and a progressive drive for excellence guarantee your ideal home becomes a living reality.

Specialising in architecturally designed home additions, we focus on delivering contemporary living solutions of the highest quality standards that create new home form and function benchmarks.

Design you future and redefine homelife with P.BUILT.

Approach Statmement


The P.Built client ethos is based on establishing a solid foundation of open communication and collaboration to achieve industry-leading project efficiencies and outcomes — concept to completion.

Full project disclosure forms the building blocks of trust through a transparent approach to sharing the ongoing building experience. Regular phone briefs, email updates, Dropbox image sharing and cutting-edge software reports keep you informed every step of the way for total peace of mind.

At any stage along the project pathway, we encourage clients to provide valuable suggestions and feedback to make mutually beneficial building decisions. Through a clear vision, we’ll create your beautiful home addition on time and within budget.

Quality Statement 


Decades of building experience create the catalyst of an attention-to-detail driven team that doesn’t compromise on premium craftsmanship, quality materials and contemporary design distinction.

From briefing to design, contracting to construction, P.Built specialists scrutinise every element of their build integration at the highest professional level. Building excellence is attained through diligent project analysis and rigid delivery specifications that consistently exceed Australian industry standards. Our established building trades and partners only provide the best service, products and outcomes, enhancing homes of distinction with a polished finish and functional longevity.

A passion for fusing traditional techniques with the latest innovations lies at the heart of our bespoke building schemes and happy client success stories.