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Highways, intersections and potholes —
the journey so far

Richie Edmiston, Brand Stylist

The road to freelance copywriting has been a roundabout journey filled with smooth highways, serendipitous intersections and unpredictable potholes. With a marketing degree at the ready, I set out in television and radio promotions, followed by a range of corporate roles as either a marketing or brand manager — sometimes both when needed. Fortunately, a couple of ad agencies also appeared in the career headlights, and it was here that the creative GPS was reset, with the pin firmly placed on a dedicated copywriting destination.

Due to an integrated media, marketing and advertising background, I take an in-depth approach when writing strategic copy crafted to connect with audiences while helping generate all-important leads and conversions. After seven years on the Brand Stylist journey, I’ve written for over 100 companies, from disruptive start-ups to renowned multinationals, each receiving the same creative commitment, whatever the scope and budget.
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Richie Edmiston — Director.

Career Timeline

Date Company Position Location
2016-2023 Brand Stylist Director Gold Coast
2015-2016 Destination Gold Coast Brand Manager Gold Coast
2014–2015 Watermark Hotel and Spa Gold Coast, Watermark Hotel Brisbane Marketing and Communications Manager Gold Coast
2013 City of Gold Coast Copywriter Gold Coast
2011-2012 Bond University – Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture Marketing Manager Gold Coast
2008-2011 Surfers Paradise Alliance Marketing and Communications Manager Gold Coast
2007-2008 Beyond Edge Advertising Copywriter Gold Coast
2005-2007 JBSR Advertising Copywriter Sydney
2003-2004 Nova 969 Client Promotions Manager Sydney
2002 Southern Cross Austereo Project Manager – National Promotions Sydney
2000-2001 Triple M and 2DayFM Marketing Executive Sydney
1999-2000 2001 Goodwill Games Brisbane Marketing Coordinator Brisbane
1997-1998 Nine Network Australia Marketing Coordinator Brisbane